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#1 2018-11-05 19:03:04

Zarejestrowany: 2018-11-05
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manage urban advertising

Urban advertising has become a necessity with the growth of large cities and the urgent need for information and income generation as well.

Today, advertisements are seen in different ways in the view of cities, buildings, shops, and although some people may look past the social, cultural, and economic components of the developed cities, they may be ignored. They only consider them to be financially viable, but some ads such as Tablo Chlonium, featured board and billboard can still be featured as a work of art in the minds.

Places to install billboards:
Choose the most suitable places to install ads:
The most important factor for installing a panel or banner or billboard is the angle of view.

Advertisements should be made in places where traffic and traffic of pedestrians are higher in those places.

Advertising boards should be installed in places away from trees and high-rise buildings, because in the presence of trees and high buildings, we have to install a promotional tool at a distance greater than the earth's surface at a higher elevation, in which case one Advertising has been created at a blind spot that is useless.

Highways are great places to install billboards and billboards, because there's no room for entertainment for car enthusiasts along the way. Seeing a billboard or billboard easily involves the mind, and anyone can even get a glimpse of that advert. And that product or commodity is introduced to him, which will be more effective as far as this bigger advertising tool is available, allowing it to be seen from all parts of the highway.

Making animated and luminous panels:
The shape and appearance of the panel play a significant role in attracting the attention of individuals, and no matter how much color in the panel, the prominence of letters, three-dimensional shapes and colored lights, it will certainly be more effective in representing the purpose for which it is made.

A variety of advertising and new ideas:
Now, advertising is not ending up in the same way as the past, but it has made a lot of advertising boards built and constructed with different names and methods, but if a person uses his own creativity and integrates these methods together. And from the same instrument, to make a big or small different form, or to create a new idea that has not been advertised anywhere in the country, its propaganda will be a special and ideal advertisement that will attract everyone's attention. .

Use inappropriate place for ads:
Sometimes it's possible to pass through a place where billboards are installed in one place in different shapes, designs and colors, in such a situation that people become confused and can not separate that advertisement from one another, and intellectual concentration They collapse and ignore them. So always choose the right place for your ads.

Correction of negative spots of urban advertising:
Attention to size:
The irregularity of the boards in different sizes makes the role of other panels mislead. So, instead of the size of the panel in a place that includes a crowd of billboards, pay attention to a comprehensive plan appropriate to the environment.

The importance of readability of billboards:
The more noticeable the plates are, the message on it will be transmitted faster and better to the receiver.

Having suitable lighting:
Appropriate lighting plays an important role in the beauty and beauty of the board, and there is a logical relationship between the presence of different colors and how they are combined with each other in a user panel and delivering a message that invokes the audience.

Pay attention to the quality of materials used in the production of billboards:

Suitable quality panels such as non-penetrating water into the panel, the shape of the cover sheet, the shape of the letters made and embedded on the panel, the resistance of the panel to the cold, the heat and the sun, and its non-changeable state, the rigid support To install panels and not to break, these are all items that need to be respected so that the boards installed in the city's districts do not create an unnecessary landscape.

Inappropriate ads density and distribution:
If the advertising density is not in accordance with international standards and the boards are not sufficiently attractive in terms of design or quality design and are also poorly compressed in space, they will overwhelm and reduce the number of audiences over time and will lose their marketing effectiveness. Gave

Ranking of advertising companies:
The first step in implementing the Urban Comprehensive Plan is the ranking of advertising companies, which according to the implementation of this scheme, the activities of advertising companies are ranked and organized. Arranging advertising for shops and business units can help to propagate the cities, their real impact, and the more organized and organized ads will be made to increase the citizens' mental relaxation and marketing effectiveness.

Conclusion :
In a general conclusion, we can say that there is no approved method for the construction and construction of billboards, and by expanding the scope of advertising and the need for information and more complex methods of building city boards and the introduction of new techniques Environmental advertising, the need for professionals, engineers and consultants to further improve the level of education is felt more than ever.



#2 2019-02-12 12:36:44

Zarejestrowany: 2019-02-05
Posty: 123

Re: manage urban advertising

Szkoda że na polskim forum posty po angielsku, ale to chyba takie czasy smile
Fakt że warto zainwestować w billboardy kraków, lub odpowiedniki w swoich miastach, jeśli prowadzi się biznes lokalny w okolicy. Każdy typ reklamy zależy od typu biznesu który prowadzimy.



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