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into my career, bu

into my career, but it is the sustenance of my spirit, the value of my existence Cartons Of Marlboro Red 100S, and let me understand more thoroughly. To the beauty of this world, let me touch everything in nature with a rich heart, feel all the beauty in life, maybe some books are not at a certain age, you can not understand the connotation, now reread classics, Let me understand the meaning of life more deeply. Perhaps my own experience has made my understanding of literature more profound. I can also feel some beautiful things with my heart. I can use my heart to discover some hidden beauty and make me more independent and strong Marlboro 100S Cigarettes Carton. In the face of life, perhaps literature makes me more rational to face life, more full of enjoyment of life, I only know my current state of mind Peaceful and mature, let me stand on the shoulders of wisdom and look at the problem. Now I have a more peaceful state of life. Let me relocate my life two days before reading a sentence on Weibo Newport Cartons Sold In Kentucky. The impression is particularly profound. "The saddest thing is not that people die, but when they die, they understand that they have never lived." How many people are alive, he actually It��s dead, some people are dead. In fact, he is still alive Newport Cigarettes With Newyork Stamps. In fact, not all the people in the world are so tragic and strong, and the celebrities have a thousand history. Just live as if you want to live. I like Zhang Dandan, who is sincere. Beautiful, intellectual and elegant, independent, always striving to live a serious life, living for a dream, living for himself, there is a saying that "to live for yourself is not selfish, but it is self-love, people only love themselves will love others", so I am very Like the elegant and independent people who have never lived and dreamed of, they are full of positive energy and infect a person who is numb by reality. Zhang Dandan has a saying that "When money is earned, if you don't let it create more value, such as enjoying life, it will become a job of making money." There is a saying: In fact, the most precious thing is time. Using efficient time to create money, and then using the money you get to do what you like, this is a high quality life. In a limited time to create greater value, let yourself enjoy life better. Her beautiful elegance is like a proud rose, which is beyond reach. I want to reach her degree, I have to wait for many years. Well, like I am now struggling in the lowest society for some living expenses, sometimes I feel extremely tired. Once I have both work and dreams, I will feel a lot of overspending. Sometimes I want to be a full-time writer, but my writing can��t feed. I am writing, I have always been a hobby, I can��t concentrate on my whole life, I have to run around for the daytime, and the night is out of the hustle and bustle of the day, I have to re-examine myself, sometimes I can��t stand the waist because of the work during the day. I can fall asleep when I get out of bed, so reality sometimes makes me exhausted, and some trivial annoyances are also squeezing my inspiration. Sometimes I feel that I am going further and further in the real world, as if in the dark sea. I can't see a trace of light on the shore, so I sometimes admire people who have been pursuing their dreams, and who can pursue dreams without any scruples, I know Sister, she loves writing very much. Her style is unique, and she works tirelessly. She looks at a book one day, but I read it one week, and she keeps the speed of a few articles a week. Seeing her back and forth, she was very envious, and her love for writing was the kind of immersion in the bones. It was due to the bursting of inner desires, not the traction of outside forces. I think she is like this. Efforts will definitely become a good writer. I am different. I changed my job some time ago. When I first entered the company, I worked overtime every day, and my straight line leader was the kind that was not very high quality. Time, she would like to give me all the work in her hands, causing me to work overtime every day, and because of the pressure of reality, that time really collapsed, the inspiration of the press is not a trace, sometimes I think, I Do you not work at home to do full-time jobs, but just think about it, I have to support myself, so I am really tired and tired for the present, when I started this year, I kept reading two books and one week. The speed of updating the three articles in the month is exhausting my tiredness. I always feel that the time is not enough. At the same time, I feel that I am overdrafting. In fact, the gap between dream and reality is really not so easy to cross. For now, I only say I have maintained my material stability, tried to stick to my dreams, and then gradually approached my dreams in a cyclical way. When my talents still can't support my dreams, I have to calm down. Come to study, so I like Zhang Dandan very much. She is independent and elegant. She has overcome many difficulties to reach the height of today, but she really did. She can say to her other half, "I have bread, I only Lack of love" She is not only beautiful and lively beautiful, such a life is a very beautiful life, for the dream of obstinacy, for life not to live up to, for love, such a life is the most beautiful life. And I have been away for so long, I still think that writing is a very good choice for me, because writing can experience different life, you can let your own thoughts get galloped Wholesale Cigatettes, live your favorite life, you can be unconventional and you can keep some Stale things. I think many people are on their way to chasing their dreams.



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