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How private companies make money from higher incarceration rates

The weather outside may be sunny and warm Keanu Neal Jersey , or it may be cold and rainy. We free folks have the privilege to experience it, and rejoice or complain accordingly. But to <"http:www.bjs.govindex.cfm?ty=pbdetail&iid=5177">over 2 million incarcerated Americans, the weather—even bad weather—is something set apart from their experience of daily life.

The American prison system is massive, and growing larger every year. The sheer volumes of prisoners kept behind bars is staggering—nearly 1 in 100 people living in the US are currently incarcerated. Polifact quotes Michael Cooke as saying, “We have more of our people in prison than anyone else—more than Iran Sean Harlow Jersey , more than North Korea, more than Russia or even China."

It wasn’t always the case. The incarceration trend has increased rapidly over the past 30+ years, <"http:thinkprogress.orgjustice201302071552751federal-prison-population-spiked-790-percent-since-1980">increasing 790% since 1980. This growth can be correlated with “tough on crime” policies, mandatory minimum Jail service, and increased policing efforts. While on the surface these may seem like important and ethical moves by the criminal justice system Duke Riley Jersey , their effects have reached further than anticipated.

Flashback to the early 80’s. Reagan is in office pushing the “war on drugs.” Prisons are dealing with a massive influx of inmates, resulting in overcrowding and rising costs. Enter: the private prison industry. Overburdened state and federal prisons began outsourcing the jailing of inmates to privately-held, for-profit corporations. Their message was that the privatization of incarceration would allow for maximum efficiency and lower costs. Some of this has occurred; however, the glaringly negative, unshakeable flipside is that these prison communication are for profit. They get paid for every prisoner Takkarist McKinley Jersey , and their stockholders share in the benefits. Incentivizing incarceration since 1980 has been strongly correlated with increased numbers of prisoners; <"http:sentencingproject.orgwp-contentuploads201601Trends-in-US-Corrections.pdf">while it peaked around 2010a>, US incarceration numbers remain higher than that of any other nation.

How are private prisons making their money? There are three major private players in the correctional industry. Corrections Corporation of America is the largest, with the GEO group (aka Wackenhut) and Cornell Companies close behind. These corporations are in charge of <"https:www.propublica.orgarticleby-the-numbers-the-u.s.s-growing-for-profit-detention-industry">over 125,000 prisoners, and that number is predicted to <"http:www.globalresearch.cathe-prison-industry-in-the-united-states-big-business-or-a-new-form-of-slavery8289">more than double by the end of this decade.

The majority of prisoners are held in federally- or state-run facilities Isaiah Oliver Jersey , rather than those run privately.. The for-profit industry of prisoner detention has begun to work its way into government prisons as well. Corporations have begun to employ prisoners, even in state-run prisons, to manufacture their goods, but at pennies on the dollar—as little as $0.17 per hour. Boeing, Dell Calvin Ridley Jersey , Microsoft, AT&T, Compaq, Revlon, Target Vic Beasley Jr Jersey , IBM, Motorola, Victoria’s Secret, and many others have all <"http:www.globalresearch.cathe-prison-industry-in-the-united-states-big-business-or-a-new-form-of-slavery8289">begun to capitalize on the extremely low cost of labor in US prisons. The US military has <"http:www.huffingtonpost20131224military-prison-uniforms_n_4498867">benefited significantly from utilizing low-to-no-cost prisoner labor in creating its uniforms, as well as other supplies and equipment.

So here’s where it gets murky. <"http:www.nij.govjournals257pagesreal-work-programs.aspx">Some studies suggest that prisoners who worked while incarcerated were better able to find and retain employment after release—and the data there is positive Atlanta Falcons Hats , but not conclusive. But there begs a broader question of whether coerced labor truly rehabilitates, or simply exploits. Prisoner labor is offered, but in many cases, it’s not optional. Our country abolished slavery, and put many statues and laws and reforms in place in order to protect workers Atlanta Falcons T-Shirts , yet here we see disconcerting echoes of both slave labor and an unprotected workforce.

We know the US prisoner population is higher than that of any other country. We know that the privatization of prisons is growing. We know that major corporations are benefitting from the cheap labor prisoners provide, and <"http:www.huffingtonpost20121210prison-labor_n_2272036">have done so even in years of econ"

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