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our old friend rabblerousr, who originated the By The Nu

Cowboys vs. Panthers: Why Dallas lost 16-8 Youth Deonte Thompson Jersey , by the numbers (As always, a h/t to mbers column here - Dave)So, that didn’t go as planned. The 2018 Dallas Cowboys season began with a whimper, losing 16-8 to the Carolina Panthers. The much-hyped defense played well enough, holding the Panthers to only 16 points and 293 yards - that’s usually good enough to win in the NFL. But not Sunday, not for the Cowboys in Charlotte. That’s because Dallas’ revamped offense had an anemic performance. Shut out for the first 52 minutes of the game. the offense struggled to move the ball throughout the game. Dak Prescott played terribly and the high-pedigreed, very-expensive offensive line didn’t play close to expectations. The end result was an offense that generated only 232 yards and eight points. Ouch. Let’s look at the numbers:Ten - combined number of sacks and major penalties committed by the Cowboys’ offensive lineThe tone was set early for the offensive line when Tyron Smith was called for a blatant block in the back penalty on the team’s second play from scrimmage. The penalty set up a 2nd-and-21, leading to an eventual punt. This was a pattern that would be repeated again and again as sacks and penalties would frequently put them team in bad down-and-distance situations. Tyron Smith was also called for a holding penalty later in the first half. La’el Collins visibly wore down as the game progressed. He was twice called for holding in the second half, gave up two sacks and basically looked like a turnstile over the last 20 minutes of the game. Connor Williams again showed the flaws that have plagued him throughout the preseason: an inability to stand up to a strong, physical bull rush and lunging forward and dropping his hands, allowing defenders to race past him. Both showed up Sunday and resulted in a sack and hits on the quarterback. The Cowboys ran only 57 plays and ten of them ended with either a sack of Dak Prescott or a 10-yard penalty on the offensive line. That’s basically a negative play attributed to the offensive line once every six plays. No offense can succeed with that kind of performance.That’s not what was expected. Dallas has invested numerous high draft picks and big money contracts on the big bodies up front. Not only is the OL supposed to be the strength of the team, it’s supposed to be the team’s identity. Yes, Travis Frederick was out. However, his replacement Joe Looney wasn’t the weak point Sunday, the problems were found with others, mostly Williams, Smith and Collins. Those who expected the OL to return to an elite unit after a less-than-elite 2017 might have to re-evaluate.Three - missed big-play opportunitiesSometimes, an NFL team can lose most plays but make just enough big plays to overcome being the inferior team. Dallas had several opportunities to write such a script, but simply couldn’t capitalize on enough of them. The Dallas defense did capitalize on a big play to thwart the Panthers’ first drive. Carolina had moved from their own 32 to the Cowboys 5-yard line and looked sure to push the ball in for a touchdown when Daniel Ross penetrated and caused a fumble with DeMarcus Lawrence coming up with the loose ball. There were three additional opportunities where the Cowboys’ came up empty:Facing third-and-two from the Cowboys 27, Cam Newton tossed a screen pass to Jarius Wright. Sean Lee had an opportunity to make a play but couldn’t wrap Wright up. Wright would eventually pick up the first down but fumbled at the end of the play. Dallas, however, could not come up with the ball. The very next play Lee was able to tip a Newton pass intended for Torrey Smith. The ball deflected towards Jeff Heath, who managed to get both hands on the ball but couldn’t come up with the interception. It would have been a difficult play but Heath is capable of making it. Three plays later Newton would run four yards for the game’s first touchdown. Two possessions later it would be Dak Prescott who missed a big play opportunity. Trailing 7-0 and facing a third-and-seven from their own 35, Prescott was pressured and stepped up in the pocket. This is what Prescott saw:An NFL team can play an entire season without ever having a receiver get that wide open. It should have been an easy touchdown. Instead, Prescott’s pass was so short Jarwin had to stop, come back and was unable to make the catch. Not only didn’t the play result in a touchdown, the Cowboys didn’t even pick up the first down. The poor pass was one of many, as Prescott was inaccurate throughout the afternoon. Had the Cowboys been able to convert any of those three opportunities the game could have played out differently.6.7 - average yards gained by Dallas per first half possessionThe Cowboys offensive first half was simply abysmal. Six possessions netted only 40 yards. The team managed only three first downs. The offensive line that surrendered six sacks and four penalties also couldn’t create any running lanes for Ezekiel Elliot (seven rushing attempts for 15 yards). The team’s drive chart for the first half is a nightmare:Note: the red columns indicate a drive that went backwards. When four of your six drives ended with the team in worse position than when it started there is a problem. Just an ugly, ugly first-half performance from the offense. 232 - total offensive yardsThe Cowboys 232 offensive yards is something Cowboys’ fans have, unfortunately, become accustomed to. It was the sixth time in the team’s last nine games that Dallas was held under 300 yards. It was the fifth time in the last nine games Dallas was held under 250 yards. The following chart shows the Cowboys’ offensive yardage totals since week one of 2017:The Dallas offense topped 375 yards five times in the team’s first eight games of 2017; they’ve reached that number only once since (against the Giants in late 2017). Many were skeptical about the Cowboys’ decision to employ second-rate free agents, no-name third and fourth stringers and mid-level draft picks at the tight end and wide receiver positions. Those critics can pat themselves on the back for at least one week. Cole Beasley had a strong game with seven catches on eight targets for 73 yards. None of the other receiving targets, however, managed more than 27 receiving yards and no one found the end zone. Until Dak and this receiving corps is able to prove the naysayers wrong Womens Zack Martin Jersey , questions will remain about this group. Zero - number of converted field goals and extra points by new kicker Brett MaherOkay, that’s a little harsh, since Maher had only one attempt the entire afternoon. But the Cowboys’ rookie kicker missed the 47-yard, third-quarter attempt. The score was 10-0 at the time so a successful kick would have brought the Cowboys to within a single score. The Panthers then marched 63 yards with the resulting good field position and took a commanding 16-0 lead early in the fourth quarter. Normally, a single missed field goal wouldn’t warrant undue attention. But when the Dallas brain-trust put more faith in a 28-year old rookie with zero NFL experience and a fairly sketchy CFL resume over the second most accurate kicker in NFL history... well, every kick is going to be scrutinized until you disprove the skeptics. Perhaps no Cowboys’ off-season move was more shocking than the decision to go with Maher over Dan Bailey. Through week one, that decision looks a bit questionable.SummaryNFL fans shouldn’t put too much weight on a week one performance. The vast majority of players haven’t played or even practiced any real football in nine months. The first three to four weeks of the season are now used to get into game shape. Thus, whether a performance is unexpectedly good or bad, it’s reasonable to assume that performance will change over the next few weeks. Still, there was very little to like in what the Cowboys had on display Sunday in Charlotte and if things don’t change for the better soon this will be a very long season.Jason Garrett: No dramatic personnel changes to shake up the offense After the loss to the Seahawks, the NFL schedule rolls on. The Cowboys have a Sunday date with the Lions, and since it’s Wednesday, Jason Garrett met with the media before the first practice of the week. (All answers from Garrett are paraphrased and not actual quotes).With the struggling offense, will there be any personnel changes?No dramatic changes. We just got to get back and get locked in, we need to move the ball, be efficient and productive. There were some good things in that game to build on, but we have to be more productive. We’ll look at the coaching staff, the execution of the players, what we’re asking them to do.When does it become the point you look at personnel changes?We are always evaluating that. Evaluating how we’re using the personnel, are we maximizing their strengths, minimize the weaknesses, it’s an on-going process.How do you get more downfield throws to get more explosive plays?You just do it. So much is predicated on what you want to do and what the defense gives you. We present opportunities vertically, we need to take advantage of them when they are available, if not then you take the intermediate or underneath option to move chains. Trust is critical for all parts of team, all 11 men must do the job. Hopefully over time you build that trust, demonstrate accountability, all over the football team.Have you seen many plays where Dak has a clean pocket and and open guy but just missed it?Sure, there have been examples where he didn’t see a guy, or something happens in protection. You evaluate it play by play, I haven’t seen an overarching problem, it’s something goes wrong here on this play, something else on that play. Hopefully we canexecute better.With Sean Lee out for a bit, talk about Jaylon Smith.He’s done a nice job, he’s improved dramatically. First hurdle was getting healthy, he played last year but wasn’t 100%. He’s gotten better physically Womens Cole Beasley Jersey , he learns from experience, he goes about it right way. He was healthy and had a good offseason. He’s played a lot of snaps and is certainly more capable now. Smart guy that goes about it the right way.Some teams throw 40-50 times a game. Is it possible to run the ball that much in a game?Balance is a goal, but running the ball helps linemen, QB’s get more favorable looks, and it helps the defense. Running the ball is a big part of what we do, but you have to balance other way, too. We have to make plays in the passing game.What’s the latest update on Travis Frederick?I think he is doing better, but the best person to ask would be him. He is around the team every day, he hasn’t practiced or done a walk-through. He looks better. He would need to pass some strength threshold in the weight room first (before coming back), best to ask him. He is moving around better, he’s contributing.Will Maliek Collins practice today?If he does it would be limited, I would expect him to work on the side.Deonte Thompson has added spark on kick returns.He’s done a nice job on kick returns. He’s a vet guy, he has a good feel for it, has speed and vision. Isn’t afraid to run it up in there.Would you like to get Tavon Austin more involved offensively?Sure, he’s been a big part of what we’ve done. We anticipated being able to move him around and put in different spots,Will Jeff Heath practice today?Yes.Can you feel confident with Sean Lee missing, given the previous stats about the defense when he is out?Jaylon is much further along in his experience. We feel good about Vander Esch’s development. We like the LB corps. Damien Wilson is a better player than before, and Joe Thomas. But mainly we feel good about Jaylon and Leighton. Sean is a big-time player, he’ll be engaged. He’s a great football player good physically, instincts are rare, and he is a great leader, emotional leader. He make calls and communicates. He’s a vet, and is great about teaching Jaylon and Leighton, he helps themWill Brice Butler play this week?Haven’t made any determination, he had a good week, hopefully he has another this week.Surgery for Datone Jones’ hamstring?I understand he will need surgery but that’s not for sure, whatever the case he won’t be back anytime soon that’s why we put him on IR.With LVE missing time in camp, are you surprised at his play this early?A big part of his eval was his smarts, instincts, we saw that at the outset, even before he missed time. He remained engaged when he was out, he’s wants to know the calls, run the plays mentally, when out he stayed engaged.



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