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ROSTOV-ON-DON Breno Giacomini Texans Jersey , Russia, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- Chinese and Russian media leaders and government officials met in Russia's southern city of Rostov-on-Don on Monday to explore cooperation opportunities in the field of Internet-based media.

Chinese and Russian media outlets face the common tasks of telling their countries' stories to the world audience and getting a bigger say in the international arena through practical cooperation in the Internet era, said Zhou Shuchun, editor-in-chief of China Daily, a national English-language newspaper.

"To that end Corey Moore Texans Jersey , we should involve more young people from both countries in cooperative programs and encourage their creativity so that they can pass on China-Russia friendship," Zhou said.

Russian Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Media Alexei Volin said it is necessary to strengthen cooperation in Internet-based media with a focus on the education of young journalists.

About 150 people from governmental bodies, media outlets and academic institutions attended the meeting.

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Article From Article Directory Database With the recent advancements in the all together medical field in India the dental sector is also seeing significant improvements these days, and most of the best dentist India reside in delhi,thus,in this article Lamarr Houston Texans Jersey , I am going to write about some of the best dentist India and I will try to deduce who is the best of them all.

Dr Bela Jain

She heads "The clinic" which happens to be an I.S.O 9001 ceritied clinic .Dr. Bela Jain finished her schooling with 'O' Levels from University Of London, then went on to complete her Dental Training from King George's Medical College in 1981.

In 2009 after clinical evaluation in Chicago by the Academy she was credentialed as an Assoc. Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry, USA.

No doubt,with her expertise and experience Jeremy Lane Texans Jersey ,she can be classified as one good dentist.

Dr Shyam Garg

The good doctor heads Dr Garg's multispeciality dental center, Dr. Shyam Garg (BDS; Fellow Pierre Fauchard Academy) has been practicing general dentistry, with a special emphasis on aesthetics ever since he graduated since 1972 from Punjab university. He later worked in All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Safdarjung Hospital, the two most reputed Government Hospitals in New Delhi.In 1973, he started a dental practice with the vision that quality dental care should be affordable and conveniently available to everybody. He quickly gained recognition for providing quality dental care at an affordable cost resulting in.



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