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Quality Control 101

In very general terms, quality control relates to the practice of developing systems for engineering and manufacturing that ensure a consistent quality of product according to the specifications, that exceeds or at least meets customer requirements - together with a host of other business butterfly valves installation and engineering principles.

However, there are a variety of different quality control methods out there, and deciding upon which is appropriate to your individual business needs is often a tremendously difficult task. The importance of implementing quality control should not be overlooked, as a company without effective quality control system in place has no way of controlling the worth of their products from the perspective of the consumer.

Let's take a very broad look at some of the different quality control methods available:

Total Quality Control is an overarching discipline that looks at every level of manufacture and concerns every party involved with the production, from suppliers to customers. It is the most comprehensive and effective form of control available.

Company Quality is a vague approach to the subject which suggested all departments of a company approach third party inspection for valve quality control with an open mind and that management must lead the process.

Statistical Control uses statistical analyses to bring the organization in line with Six Sigma levels of quality. Traditionally, statistical control has placed emphasis on random sampling and testing a specified percentage of the output.

Failure Testing works on finished consumer products, whereby tests are run continuously until a unit fails. Testing involves things such as vibration, temperature and humidity, or more specific tests for certain products. A major Swedish furniture company traditionally advertises it's own products by running a continuous stress test on shop premises and boasts of the resultant (non)failure rate.

Quality Assurance is another arching term the covers a wide variety of activities from design, development, production, installation, servicing and documentation.

When determining which method is appropriate for your company, the decision lies predominantly upon which kind of product you are manufacturing. For example, the quality control needs for a company producing laptops is very different to one producing steel beams for the construction industry. Some questions you can ask yourself are:

Is there anything that is causing your products to stop working before the expected failure time?
Does the product lifecycle fall short of expectations?

If so, you will probably benefit from specific product testing which attempts to uncover particular weaknesses, and address the issue from there.

Are you currently using performance monitoring tools that don't accurately represent the deviations you are experiencing in product quality?

If this is the case, you may need to improve your statistical check valve testing method quality methods so that can reflect the reality of the product. Ideally, the quality distribution should be normalized to within specified deviations.
In reality, companies will use a mix of quality control methods to help achieve their assurance goals.

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