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10 Tips For Taking Baby To Disney

10 Tips For Taking Baby To Disney
When I first saw that my cousin, Jacquelyn of j&j brusie photography, had taken her three-year-old son and not-even-four-month daughter on a Disney vacation, my first thought was one of incredulity.What? I thought to myself. A baby to Disney? That would be torture!But as it turns out, Jacquelyn and her family had a wonderful three-day trip to Disney–instead of the squalling, whining, exhausting fest I would be prone to imagine (I’m a fearful kind of mom, I guess), their family got to experience the fun and magic that makes Disney the stuff of memories that last a lifetime.And although Jacquelyn is the adventurous, calm mom that would think of taking a baby to Disney in the first place, she also is passing along some tips for other moms for making a trip to Disney with baby picture-perfect. Baby At DisneyClick through to see how to make your Disney trip with baby truly magical!Image via j&j brusie photographyFocus On The PositivesWhile I would be quick to think of all the reasons why I shouldn’t take a baby to Disney, Jacquelyn did the opposite; with her son clamoring to go, she decided to focus on all the positives of taking a baby to Disney. “I didn’t want to go while I pregnant,” she explains. “So we waited until [the baby] was born and before she got to the crawling stage, I figure she’d be easier to carry around in my pouch sleeping than to have to find safe/clean places for her to crawl.” Genius!Image via j&j brusie photographyA Good Carrier Is KeyThe key to doing Disney with a baby? A good-quality carrier! Mommy and daughter were able to explore the park together in comfort with their favorite carrier. How adorable is she?Image via j&j brusie photographyPrepare, Prepare, PrepareAlong with a good carrier, Jacquelyn made sure that they were 100% prepared for any baby-related items they would need. “We prepared for the trip by bringing all of the items to make her feel comfortable, my Boba carrier, her pack n play, lots of diapers and plenty of sun hats,” she comments.Image via j&j brusie photographyEmbrace Your Inner KidWith good preparation for baby,baby care, Jacquelyn and her husband focused on the best things they could do to enjoy Disney with a baby and their son–embracing their inner kid. I hope Dumbo wasn’t moving too fast for Dad there…Image via j&j brusie photographyTake Baby For A RideNo sitting on the sidelines watching the boys have all the fun for this mom-n-daughter duo. Jacquelyn and her little one joined in on all the rides, with baby safely stowed in her carrier. “The best part about bringing a baby to Disney is that you can take them on all of the rides that have no height requirement (which were the only rides my son could go on as well). There were plenty of rides we could all go on together!” Jacquelyn exclaims. Image via j&j brusie photographyStay On SiteHands-down, Jacquelyn recommends that families with little ones stay on-site at Disney. “We stayed for 3 nights at a Disney resort (Buena Vista Palace), which was the perfect amount of time. It was nice having transport to to all of the Disney resorts from our hotel that were stroller friendly,baby bedding, but we were also able to park our car for free at the hotel and go off Disney property if we wanted,” she explains. Image via j&j brusie photographyTake a Break At The Baby Center“My #1 tip for enjoying Disney with a baby is to take full advantage of the Baby Center,” recommends Jacquelyn. “There is a Baby Center at each park and it’s an air-conditioned place where you have your own personal room to change diapers, nurse (with a rocking chair), take a breather from all of the people and restock on any baby supplies (diapers, baby food, formula). It’s also big enough for your whole family to come in with you,baby nappies,” says Jacquelyn. Image via j&j brusie photographyGet a Fast Pass“I would actually recommend taking a baby to Disney to other moms since they do make it very accommodating for moms with babies,” Jacquelyn comments. “Just make sure you use your Fast Passes (three free ones come with every ticket). That way you’re not waiting in the long lines with your baby!”Image via j&j brusie photographyBe RealisticA baby at Disney means altering some of your expectations of the day. It might mean changing up the itinerary a little to allow more breaks or cutting a visit short. “The hardest part about bringing a baby to Disney was that we couldn’t stay as long as we wanted at the park,” admits Jacquelyn. “Once she got tired at night, we had to head back to the hotel. She is a baby that is used to her routine!” Being realistic and learning to laugh when things don’t always go perfectly is part of a successful trip. Image via j&j brusie photographyEmbrace The MagicIn the end, no matter what, Disney is about embracing the magic of childhood and learning to see life just a bit differently. And what better way to enjoy Disney than with the breathtaking beauty of a baby?Image via j&j brusie photography
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