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Quality issues are not too far from being part of manufacturing industry. They had been accepted elements of it. And in most cases http://www.broncosfansproshop.com/Custo … l?cat=1287 , if not all, the only question is not the probability of their existence but rather the timing of them. The question now is, is there any rule or law that forces any manufacturer or trader to compensate their buyer? The answer to this is too simple.

Technically, there is no treaty or rule that requires manufacturers and traders to give compensation to their buyers for whatever product quality issues arise during their transactions. However, many of the Chinese suppliers answer this concern of buyers through their warranty offers. The problem is that, many of us think that warranty is just the same as compensation while in fact it is really not what we have thought it is.

There is really no such thing as "warranty" or "guarantee" in international trading.

We often see labels on products that state the product is covered with long term warranty or guarantee. Such may be as long as 5 years. For example http://www.broncosfansproshop.com/ , when you buy a Chinese product that offers the mentioned years of warranty. You might be thinking that you can be sure to have the product at high quality for the next 5 years or that you can have a replacement of it in case it broke down. This is much like having an assumption that the company still exist in the year 2020.

The real thing about this "warranty" or "guarantee" is that the company offers a program wherein terms and conditions are needed to be met. In other words, this is not as easy as having a replacement for a broken product by simply informing the company of the damage existence. This is far from having an unconditional compensation. This is the reason why "guarantee" is much of compensation term and defective product replacement policy instead.

Terms of Compensation

As Chinese manufacturers operate in very small profit margin, they are most likely to do whatever they can to avoid compensating their buyer. As such, there should be a very clear understanding of the fair compensation terms at the very beginning of sales agreement.

Following are some of the most common terms offered by manufacturers in relation with what they call as "compensation."

1. Refund

There are generally two types of refund. They are the full refund and partial refund. The former is very rarely given as this cost the supplier or the manufacturer very large amount. This is the reason why this takes time before fully granted to the requesting buyer. This often results to suppliers getting some of their properties sold to get more funds which they can use in making refunds to their buyers.

Another issue on this is that international trading often set limitations to the amount of money that could be transferred. As such, when full refund is of higher amount, this cannot be sent to the buyer at once.

2. Remake

As compared to refund http://www.broncosfansproshop.com/Bronc … l?cat=1300 , remake is much more acceptable on the part of the suppliermanufacturer. However, there are still other things that the buyer needs to consider before having a remake agreement with the supplier or trader. Such may include the following:

The time when the supplier would be remaking the product. The buyer needs to ask the supplier when is the specific time when the product would be delivered. Also, the buyer needs to clear with the supplier if the total number of damaged product would be delivered at once.
The buyer needs to ensure that the supplier would be meeting the set deadline.
The buyer must not expect but should still clear with the supplier who shall cover the shipping fee.

3. Repair

This is another option that buyer may take. Yet, the problem with this is that buyer is often too far from the supplier which in turn cost them much in making repairs. With this, the buyer must make it clear with the supplier who between them shall cover the freight cost.

4. Part Replacement

Same as the mentioned items above, part replacement needs thorough discussion as this may also cost an amount in transporting the part to be replaced.

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