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Most controversial calls are Custom Seattle Seahawks Jersey

The NFL will generate $14 billion this year. Its teams are worth a combined $80 billion, according to Forbes, and will pay $5.3 billion in player salaries this season. NFL teams split $7.8 billion in national revenue in 2016, mainly from television deals.

Yet some of the most critical plays during any given game rely on the chain gang — people who are typically fans of the home team and get paid under $100 a game to operate a contraption that resembles an ancient torture device or a sloppy DIY project your dad conceived Custom Detroit Red  Wings Jersey  Custom Cleveland Indians Jersey of and built in the middle of the night. (“It’s a portable fence to keep the dog in the  yard,” your dad said. “And the big orange poles will scare away coyotes!”)

During this week’s Sunday Night Football game between the Raiders and Cowboys, the chain operation was in  the spotlight when referee Gene Steratore made the unusual decision to use an index card to distinguish whether the tip of the football had passed the first-down marker.

Steratore’s actions implied that the chain gang is accurate to within the width of an index card — about a tenth of a millimeter. Of course, it isn’t. But his decision helped the Cowboys to victory; Dallas got the first down and drove for a touchdown that turned out to be  a game-winner.

While chain gangs are notably meticulous and take a variety of steps the average fan doesn’t know about to ensure accuracy, the chain-gang operation is awkward and  imprecise. (“Is it Custom Seattle Seahawks Jersey http://www.customjersey.us.com/images/mlb/Mens%20Cleveland%20Indians%20Majestic%20Alternate%20Navy%20Flex%20Base%20Authentic%20Collection%20Custom%20Jersey.jpg perfectly accurate?” Mike Pereira, then the NFL’s officiating head, told The New York Times in 2008. “I don’t think it is.”) And still, the chain gang is considered authoritative. If a ruling is close, coaches can call for a review of the ball’s spot, but the chains cannot be challenged. Their placement is considered fact, not opinion.

Football is constantly searching for high-tech answers. Most controversial calls are subject to slow-motion, high-definition replay from dozens of the most expensive cameras money can buy. Microsoft  spent $400 million to become the official sideline tablet of the league, only to have their tablets referred to as “iPads” and trashed, verbally and physically. NFL uniforms and Custom Golden State Warriors jerseys footballs have RFID chips embedded, so teams and broadcasters can have accurate data about how players move on the field. Why does such a crucial aspect of the sport rely on such an old-timey solution?

The touchdown was worth five points until 1912, when it was upgraded to six. The field goal was worth four points until 1909, when it was downgraded to three. But in 1907, Spalding’s Official Foot Ball Guide advised game organizers to “provide two light poles, about six feet in length, connected at their lower ends by a stout cord or chain ten yards in length.” The chains, then, are older than the current scoring system. And for most of the century-plus the chains have been in use, people have been trying to replace them. The earliest patent for a chain replacement appears to be this 1929 beauty, a gizmo with wheels and signs attached to a track that ran along the football field.



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