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Most wilderness survival situations start out innocently enough; a fishing trip with friends, a day hike on a familiar trail, or a simple hunting trip. Then suddenly something goes wrong and you are now faced with a life and death situation. For some reason you had forgotten to plan in advance for the unexpected or miscalculated the risks involved in your trip and now you are facing the unexpected. Maybe you just got caught out in the dark without a light or lost your way off the established trail without a compass or GPS to get back out.

Before you start flailing yourself around and running off in circles the first thing to do is sit down and think and get your head right. Take an inventory of things you have; food, water Wholesale Football Jerseys , matches, etc., everything you can use. Then determine what to do based on your real situation. Are you lost or just stranded? Does someone else not with you know your whereabouts and is expecting your return? Does anything in the immediate surroundings look familiar to you? When you're lost and alone in the wilderness with little or no provisions it's easy to slip into depression and feel sorry for yourself. But pity parties seldom help. Learn to S.T.O.P. Stop-think-observe-plan. One mistake in the wilderness can have tremendous negative outcomes. You don't want to head off in the wrong direction and actual move further away from help. Or walk around in circles making it hard for help to find you. Break your leg in civilization and you will probably be able to find a ride to the hospital. Break a leg in the backcountry and good luck!

Assuming you have no idea where you are or which way to go and you have no means of directional help from a compass or GPS the smartest thing may be to stay where you are and let help find you. Take the inventory of items in your possession and put them to use to meet your basic needs.

1.Water purification tablets: After about three days without water bad things tend to happen. But we don't want to drink just any water. Always ask yourself will this water make me sick? Use any purification tablets you have or try boiling the water first. Learn ways to collect rain water or water from the morning dew. Water is a must but be smart about where the water is coming from. Purification tablets are small and inexpensive allowing them to be carried at all times in your day gear.

2. High energy bars: You can live a number of days without food and unless you are an expert in wilderness foliage I do not recommend that you scurry about the forest floor in search of fruits and berries. This can be a very dangerous proposition. If you are by water fish may be caught for food or small animals may be trapped. But high energy bars can provide a good source of protein and carbs and will keep a long time.

3. Poncho or small tarp: Exposure presents an enormous survival problem. Protect yourself from hypothermia or heat stroke. Learn in advance how to make a shelter from the natural surroundings. Get inside a hollowed out tree stump or unde. Cheap Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys   Cheap Jerseys China   Cheap Jerseys Wholesale   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys   Wholesale Basketball Jerseys   Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys   Wholesale NFL Jerseys



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