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The weekend warrior, even though he is not a full-time photographer, can have lots of experience. Most weddings occur on a weekend, where he is available. Thus if he is consistently doing wedding photography, it can be expected that he has some experience under his belt. This is very true for those who have been doing it consistently for at least 2 years. Another advantage of the weekend warrior is his enthusiasm. Because he has a full-time job, he does not have to take a lot of weddings and he can be more selective Wholesale NFL Jerseys From China , thus ensuring that every assignment that he covers is performed with a lot of enthusiasm and genuine interest.

Finally, there is the pricing. Because he is doing this mostly as a hobby or for fun and not for a living, the charge may be lower as compared to those of full-time photographers. However, there are also disadvantages to the weekend warrior. First and most importantly is the possibly delayed post-processing time. The weekend warrior has a full-time job, thus he can only process the photos at night after work or during the weekend. Aside from the delayed photo delivery, the quality may also be affected as he is not as focused on photography as the full-time photographer.

Another kind of photographer is the high-end wedding photographer. These photographers usually have photo studios located in malls or in an exclusive shopping district in Brisbane. This kind of wedding photographer exacts a high price in exchange for an above-average photographic experience. One advantage of the high-end wedding photographer is that the couple gets a pampered photographic experience.

The high-end wedding photographer is a professional. He may have a package that includes the prenuptial pictures, or an artistic photo shoot. He is also definitely experienced Wholesale NFL Jerseys China , but due to the high price may shoot fewer weddings in a year as compared to the average full-time wedding photographer. This makes the high-end wedding photographer focus on the couple’s wedding and give his utmost attention to provide the highest quality photos possible.

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